The content featured here was created in 2017 as part of the marketing campaign for Indian Ink's first immersive production 
"Mrs Krishnan's Party"
The above video is part one of a three part series. The "You're Invited" campaign involved the local community sharing what they love about parties. Aimed at generating word of mouth, excitement and online engagement. The campaign was a success and we sold out the season. 
"Mrs Krishnan's Party" also celebrated 20 years of Indian Ink - a huge mile stone for its creators; Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis.
I conducted, shot and edited this interview with Jacob and Justin. We used it to market the play on social media as well as help audiences connect with the creators of the play.
I also interviewed the set designer, John Verryt , and dramaturge, Murray Edmond, who have been part of Indian Ink from the early years in order to paint a better picture of the plays creation process and history.
Photos I shot of Kalyani Nagarajan, the lead actress - aka Mrs Krishnan. The first image became the hero image of the campaign.
The campaign was a success and set a new standard for Indian Ink's social media marketing. We were able to meet and exceed all our targets and sell out nearly every show. These were great results for a campaign that was purely based in social media and relied greatly on word of mouth.
These collaterals have since been used to market the show internationally and will be used again in the 2018 National Tour of "Mrs Krishnan's Party".

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